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Java Lover? Check jAVERDE out. January 27, 2010

They’ve been in business in Knoxville for a few months now, and my dad was the first one in the family to try out the cuisine, or should I say, the java. The company’s name is jAVERDE, and yes, they’re a coffee company.

Technically speaking, I wouldn’t normally write about a coffee making company, but they deserve some notice. jAVERDE is a homegrown roasting group that purchases and roasts a wide variety of specialty and regular coffee blends. They sell coffee online at their website as well as at their one and only “brick-and-mortar” store.

Best Coffee In Town

This company roasts and sells its premium blends of coffee.

But brick-and-mortar doesn’t describe jAVERDE’s locale properly. They’re actually located in West Town Mall at a kiosk, yes, a kiosk, in the center of the mall. In fact, the best way to find them is to stand in front of Abercrombie & Fitch, facing away from the storefront, look to the right, and jAVERDE will be one of the kiosks you see. (It’s rather unfortunate that the scent from Abercrombie overwhelms all other potential scents in that part of the mall or else I’d recommend following your nose.)

jAVERDE combines two of my favorite things: coffee and wit. Just check out some of the titles of their Christmas blends: Kringle Jingle Java or Brewltide Cheer, for instance. But where some coffee companies might leave the talent to their naming division, jAVERDE goes the extra mile and employs a master roaster to custom roast each bag of their delicious tasting coffees.

As a former barista from Starbucks, I have to admit: the coffee giant has nothing on this locally-owned, Powell-based coffee roaster. I’ve sampled a rather large variety of jAVERDE’s coffee blends, and I’ve never tasted any coffee quite as smooth as theirs. Perhaps I’m not the best coffee connoisseur, but I’ve been drinking the dark stuff since I was 2 years old; I feel like I have enough experience to be able to recommend a whole bean coffee.

So hear me say this: I wholeheartedly recommend that you try jAVERDE coffee. It is by far my favorite coffee roaster. And as an added bonus, there are a variety of ways the company is trying to help the environment. Just check out their website for more information!

Now before you start arguing that you’ve been drinking the same coffee for years and it’s perfectly fine, oh, and why should you purchase a full pound of coffee from some no-account coffee company, let me say one more thing. If you visit their kiosk in the mall, the jAVERDE team is only too happy to let you sample as many of their brewed coffees as you please. Yes, I said brewed.

Caramel, Chocolate, and Pecan Flavored Coffee

I tried this coffee blend tonight and fell in love.

jAVERDE keeps a number of coffees brewed and ready at their kiosk. I generally see at least six different kinds, and they love it when people come by to sample. If you find a kind you like, you can usually buy it there. Plus, for every bag of coffee you buy, you get a free cup of coffee to go with it.

Since this is a service blog, I should probably also point out that the guys who own the company and work in the kiosk are incredibly nice. They’re fun to talk to and have decided that my mom and I are some of their favorite regular customers. But they’ll also give you as much information you want about their flavors and blends so that you can make the best choice.

Finally, if you want to order some of their other blends online, they have their master roaster personally roast the bag for you, to be sent via mail to your front door. So there’s something else to look forward to: mail-order coffee!

But don’t let me push you into anything. Try it for yourself. The company is one of the best I’ve seen, and they have a lot of wholesome values to go with the quality coffee they roast. Overall, I’m sure I’ll be going back again and again to visit this roaster because, quite frankly, they make the best caffeine-booster I’ve had in a long time.

Company: jAVERDE

Location: 2911 Tazewell Pike, Suite 246, Knoxville, TN 37918 (also West Town Mall for the kiosk)

KSI Rating: 10 out of 10

If you try their coffee, let me know what you think of it. I know I can’t be the only one out there that’s simply in love with this company!



2 Responses to “Java Lover? Check jAVERDE out.”

  1. Dan Grady Says:


    Thank you SO MUCH for your report. I cannot tell you how much feedback like this means to us.. You are the BOMB DIGGITY..

    Best Regards,

    Dan Grady

    • Rae Says:

      Hi Dan,

      You’re welcome! I really do like jAVERDE, so I figured I’d share it with other people who might appreciate it. I’m glad I could post a favorable report. Thanks again for making great coffee!


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